This is What We Make Happen

In a startup it's easy to lose focus. When you're worrying about investment, recruitment, customer requirements and all the other things you need to do, it's easy to lose sight of the problem your company is trying to solve. This is where a simple daily e-mail can really help. At ... Read more

Never use Your ORM Directly

ORMs are great for helping a startup create a product quickly. The downside is that they make it incredibly easy to litter your codebase with code like this: post = BlogPost.objects.get(id=post_id) This seems relatively innocent at first, but, as your codebase grows you'll find it suffers from a few problems: ... Read more

Tackling Technical Debt

Most startups accrue a large amount of technical debt whilst they develop the first versions of their product. This isn't a problem. Many startups don't know exactly what they need to build until after they've shown something to their users - spending time perfecting these initial versions might be valuable ... Read more

Colin Howe

I'm Colin. I like coding, ultimate frisbee and startups. I am VP of engineering at Conversocial