Getting a slice of live data (MySQL Partial Dump)

Have you ever needed to get all the data for a single customer from a MySQL database? All their orders, the products they've viewed, their billing preferences, everything. I needed to do this for Conversocial when debugging a problem a customer was having. More recently, I've needed to do this ... Read more

Changing MySQL schemas without downtime

Whenever you do a schema change in MySQL you run the risk of locking tables for a long time and making the database unavailable to anything that wants to read from the tables being altered. We (Conversocial) have been looking at how best to do MySQL schema changes whilst keeping ... Read more

MySQL Performance for More Data than Memory

In a previous post I looked at the performance hit you get in MongoDB when the working set is larger than the memory available. I thought I'd have a look to see how MySQL fares under similar conditions. The experiment was very similar experiment to the experiment for MongoDB. Setup ... Read more

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