Introducing Gleam

Over the past few months I have been working on a new programming language for the JVM. It's called Gleam and its purpose is to make view layer programming for web applications easier. You can read more on the approach taken and the problems it is trying to solve here ... Read more

HTML - Machine code for web pages

Writing web applications using HTML is like writing business logic in machine code. When you write your web application using HTML directly you lose most of the benefits that the software development world has worked hard for: No re-use No compile time safety (type checking, validity of names, valid use ... Read more

Benefits of Working in a Higher Level for Web Pages

In my previous post I discussed how working in a higher level of semantics than HTML can be beneficial when writing web pages. To summarise, suppose you write pages like this: section(name="Contents") { The contents go here.   We use an empty blank line for paragraph spacing. } button(link="somelink", label="Click me!") ... Read more

Colin Howe

I'm Colin. I like coding, ultimate frisbee and startups. I am VP of engineering at Conversocial