Refactoring - The Oft Overlooked Step of Development

If you made furniture, would you sell it without polishing it? If you made a car, would you sell it without giving it a glossy coat of paint? No? Then why is it accectable to release code without that same level of perfection? To me, refactoring is an essential step ... Read more

Hypothesis: Removing manpower from a late software project makes it earlier

Many of you will have heard of Brook's law - "Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later". I'd like to explore the opposite action: removing manpower from a late software project. 80% of the work done by 20% of the people From my personal experiences I have ... Read more

Sick Things in Scala: Implicit Conversions of Functions

I've been having a play with seeing just how far Scala can be bent before it is broken. My latest finding is that you can implicitly convert functions to other types. For example: object Sickness { class WrappedFunction implicit def functionWrapper(f : => Unit) : WrappedFunction = { System.out.println("Going to ... Read more

RK4 in Scala

I've been looking at Scala recently and I'm impressed. It's got a nice mix of imperative and functional styles that means that it can be really useful and easy to code in. As an example I thought I'd knock up an implementation of RK4 in it. The work-horse of RK4 ... Read more

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