Monner - Monitor CPU, memory and network whilst running a program

I'm looking at re-implementing one of our services in various different ways. To help me decide between the different ways I want to run a benchmark of the services and monitor how much of a systems resources they use.

After a lot of digging the best solutions I found involved running various different commands, scraping together the output and then cobbling together a report. Not fun.

Enter Monner. A simple python script that lets you do:

monner some-program

And will output results like:

CPU (%)    Memory used (mb)    Network in (kb)    Network out (kb)
100.0      3379.9              0.0                0.0
100.0      3380.4              0.5                0.0
100.0      3380.4              0.1                0.0
100.0      3380.4              0.0                0.0

This can then be loaded into a spreadsheet program and graphed to your hearts content.

Code is on github:


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