This is What We Make Happen

In a startup it's easy to lose focus. When you're worrying about investment, recruitment, customer requirements and all the other things you need to do, it's easy to lose sight of the problem your company is trying to solve.

This is where a simple daily e-mail can really help. At Conversocial we all get an email every day with five random conversations that our customers have had with their customers (the conversations are all public on Twitter and Facebook). This reminds us, on a daily basis, of what we make happen and the problem we're solving - customer service in social media. Not only does it remind us but it motivates us too - seeing people getting their issues resolved via Conversocial gets me fired up.

Give it a try yourself. Find the data that reminds you what you're about and create an automated daily e-mail for it. Afterwards, drop me a comment saying how you got on with it!


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Colin Howe

I'm Colin. I like coding, ultimate frisbee and startups. I am VP of engineering at Conversocial