Goodbye wordpress, hello Mumblr

I've been using a self-hosted Wordpress blog for about two years now. In those two years I've not been very impressed by it. It's easy to extend (sometimes) but it runs so slow and has so much clutter that I felt embarrassed by my blog.

So, I've moved to Mumblr by my colleague Harry Marr. Mumblr is written in Python and has Mongo as the database. It runs superfast and is easy to edit to have the functionality I need.

Another big change is that I have moved from my host (NearlyFreeSpeech) and on to an Amazon EC2 micro instance. It was really easy to setup and performance has been good so far.

The end result? A fast blog I can be proud of (barring the design, I'm working on making it neater).


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Colin Howe

I'm Colin. I like coding, ultimate frisbee and startups. I am VP of engineering at Conversocial