Google Paying $150m to Employees - Might not be crazy

According to this article on Techcrunch Google have offered $150 million in stock grants vesting over four years to keep two key employees.

I think that this could be a clever move by Google. Google are trying hard to get excellent engineers going to Google. There are so many companies trying to hire these same people that it is incredibly hard to stand out. When you think of it like this, $37.5 million a year might be a better investment than a load of advertising, it's certainly caught the eye of a number of notable tech sites... plus they get to keep some people they clearly want to keep.

The counter argument is that if you're an excellent engineer then you likely care far more about the environment you're in and what you're working on. Google are trying to fix this - they're currently doing a reorganisation to try and make themselves less bureaucratic and more innovative. Everybody already knows that Google offer a lot of perks. Coupling all this with some big publicity about how well they reward their heroes might just be a winning strategy.


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Colin Howe

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