Getting a slice of live data (MySQL Partial Dump)

Have you ever needed to get all the data for a single customer from a MySQL database? All their orders, the products they've viewed, their billing preferences, everything.

I needed to do this for Conversocial when debugging a problem a customer was having. More recently, I've needed to do this for a server migration project. To make this easy I've created a tool: MySQLPartialDump.

MySQLPartialDump allows you to describe your database structure using a simple DSL. It will then crawl your database following the relationships you specify and create a dump file that can be imported directly in to MySQL.

More complex features include:

  • Cleansing of sensitive data - e.g. removing emails
  • Creating multiple files for parallel import
  • Custom relationships for tables that relate to other tables optionally

For full details please see the readme.

If you find this useful - please let me know :)


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Colin Howe

I'm Colin. I like coding, ultimate frisbee and startups. I am VP of engineering at Conversocial