Colin Howe

Hi, I'm Colin.
I like coding and learning things. I like to share what I've learnt with everyone else.
I'm VP of engineering at Conversocial


Django SQL Sampler

This app for Django will sample a set percentage of SQL queries and collate them together. This allows you to see what queries are slowing down your site the most.

MySQL Partial Dumper

Ever wanted to get a MySQL dump of a single customers account? This little Python tool will do just that!

Eventlet Visualiser

Visualises what is going on in Eventlet and can be useful in finding problems. Blog post with screenshot

Eventlet Profiler

A profiler that is aware of Eventlet.

Gleam for Python

A resurrection of an old project I wrote for Scala. Gleam is a view layer language that compiles down to Python and Javascript - freeing you from having to double code interfaces.

List of OSS Contributions



I submit patches to MongoEngine on a fairly frequent basis. Of note: